Veggies, the food we love to hate!


Growing up we’ve all been told over and over again “eat your vegetables, they are good for you!” yet they still remain one of the food components that we love to hate. Many of us are so traumatized by the mushy/overcooked vegetables served to us as a child that we now refuse to eat them altogetherโ€ฆBut truth be told, mothers know best!

Vegetables are one of the most important component of the human diet. As stated by MyPlate.Gov, this fat-free, cholesterol-free food group helps reduce our risk of developing chronic diseases such as: obesity, diabetes, cancers and cardiovascular diseases. Due to the high amounts of essential vitamins, minerals and fiber present in this group, we are able to reduce our calorie intake without necessarily reducing the amount of food we have on our plate. The high nutrient density of vegetables enable us to feel full quicker and for a longer period of time then would process foods. And, they help reduce our food cravings throughout the day.

…Now mom may have been right about forcing us to eat our vegetables but perhaps she wasn’t an expert in the cooking department. No one wants to eat mushy overcooked vegetables so, I’ve come up with a few helpful tips to make them more appealing.

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