Kohlrabi & Apple Slaw w/ Ginger Yogurt Sauce

It’s summertime! The perfect time of the year for BBQ’s and picnics! The time of the year when you crave something light and refreshing. It’s the perfect time to make this kohlrabi and apple slaw. Continue reading


Apple, Brie & Caramelized Onions Pizza

2014-08-31 19.43.46

I don’t know about you guys but I love paring cheese and fruit; they compliment each other so well! I also love onions especially caramelized onions and I will find a reason to eat them with just about anything! Sandwiches, fish, soup or just by themselves…it doesn’t matter to me.

So, when I tasted the Lady Alice apples from Rainier Fruit Co. and discovered just how sweet and delicious they are, I immediately wanted to somehow combine all these ingredients (apple, cheese and caramelized onions) to create one scrumptious dish. Initially I was thinking panini but because I already had pizza dough at home that needed to be used, I decided to make a pizza instead. I dont regret my decision at all, this recipe turned out great! Continue reading

How to: Caramelize Onions

2014-08-30 11.14.18

I LOVE onions! I enjoy them raw, cooked, mixed with other ingredients or just on their own.

….(Am I the only one? Is that weird?)…

If I want to be fancy and take my dish to the next level, I always, ALWAYS go for caramelized onions. So today I will show you just how simple they are to make! Continue reading