Recipe Remix (aka No Waste Wednesday): Mint-Ginger Infused Limeade + Rum = Best Mojitos Ever!

Happy No Waste Wednesday!

I encourage you to use up all your leftovers by turning them into new dishes. As a result, we waste less food and we get to try new things!

Today I’m making mojitos!! I don’t know about you all but the entire time I was making my Mint-Ginger Infused Limeade, I kept thinking to myself “this would make a great mojito”.  Think about it, all of the key ingredients are already there–mint, sugar, lime. The only thing missing is the rum and sparkling water*.

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Monday Munchies 7/28: Mint-Ginger Infused Limeade

Happy Monday, friends!

Can you believe it’s already Monday? It feels like the week-end just flew by! I guess the saying it true, “time flies when you are having fun”.  On Saturday, I was lucky to spend quality time with my friends– pampering, food (pizza), drinks, lots of laughs and good times!  It was seriously one of the best week-ends I’ve had in a very long time 🙂 The one thing I was bummed about was not getting to go to the pool like we had planned. I was so ready to sit by the water and soak up the sun while enjoying a good magazine and a tall glass of limeade. Tell me that don’t sound amazing.

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Sit & Sip with Devoted Foodie 7/27

Sunday, Funday! As you SIT (in bed) & SIP on our coffee or tea (relaxing, procrastinating, and/or dreading the fact that tomorrow is Monday), take the time to enjoy some of my favorite links from this week. I promise they’ll have you feeling warm and fuzzy inside 🙂


As I share this with you, I image myself at a beach in Haiti drinking a rum punches with friends and family

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Foodie Fun Finds 7/25: Do you feel rushed when you go out to eat?

Happy Friday and welcome to the 1st ever “Foodie Fun Finds”!–Still working on the name.

Every week, I will share with you food, lifestyle, and empowerment articles I found throughout the week. These aren’t articles that I necessarily agree or disagree with. These are articles that spoke to me, they made me think, they inspired or triggered something in me.

With that said, let’s get right to it!

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Recipe Remix (aka No Waste Wednesday): Orange & Herb Baked Fish with Beets & Carrots

Do you ever get tired of eating leftovers? Do they just sit the back of your fridge and eventually end up in the trash?

Or, are you looking to revamp a classic recipe?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you have certainly come to the right place! Recipe Remix/No Waste Wesdnesday will be a place for me to show you how to create a new dish using a dish or component of a dish from one of my previous posts.

Today, we are turning our beets and carrot “carpaccio” into an orange and herb baked fish with beets and carrots.

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Beet & Carrot Carpaccio


This recipe is easy to make, full of flavor and best of all, it requires not clean up! That’s right, you don’t have to worry about washing dishes or pots and pans because we are baking everything in aluminun foil!

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