Beet & Carrot “Carpaccio”

Since summer started I’ve been craving beets.

I love beets + I love carrots.

I especially love the two together.

And, the vibrant colors of the beets and the carrots will make this the prettiest salad–if I haven’t mentioned this already, I’m a sucker for pretty food!


Beet & Carrot Carpaccio

Beet & Carrot Carpaccio

*Confession of a Foodie* So I go to the grocery store, I make my way to the produce section (after browsing around for a bit).I find the beets and carrots and I get SUPER excited because I found the most gorgeous beets AND a variety of carrots–orange, yellow and white. Oh yeah! I grabbed them ALL. Why? Because, I love pretty and colorful food 🙂  I was with my sister and she just didn’t understand my excitement–FAIL. Anyway, we keep browsing and I came across oranges and ginger. I had to grab those too; they are going to pair so well with the beets and carrots.

So what are we making today? Carpaccio, beet and carrot carpaccio to be exact. Carpaccio is often referred to  raw thinly sliced beef that has been marinated. But I’m adding my own little twist on things by making a vegetarian carpaccio and it’s going to be so good! Staying true to the “carpaccio” concept, we start of by thinly slicing the beets and carrots. Did I mention how pretty these two vegetables are together? I love the color contrast. If you’re not a fan of carrots, you could always substitute it with sweet potatoes.

2014-07-19 12.29.11

I was inspired to make this dish because it’s SO hot in Georgia right now and what my body craves is something easy, light and preferably doesn’t require any cooking (unless we’re grilling outside).

Getting back to our carpaccio, I decided to go with an orange and ginger marinade. Remember, this is a raw salad so we want to use quality ingredients. We’re also ginger, rosemary, thyme and, salt and pepper to taste. I wanted to add some shallots but I was completely out 😦

2014-07-18 17.08.27

Ginger, Rosemary, Thyme, Oranges

In a cup or bowl, add the juice of 3 oranges (1/2 cups), grated ginger, 1/2 teaspoon chopped rosemary and 1/2 teaspoon chopped thyme. Give it a stir.

Orange Ginger Marinade

Orange Ginger Marinade

Pour the marinade onto the salad. Give it a toss, cover and refrigerate.

2014-07-18 17.33.30

Let it marinate overnight–I did taste the dish 5 hours in and the flavors had already started to come together. But, I noticed  the vegetables were really soaking up the orange-ginger marinade so I made another batch, pour it over the vegetables, gave it a toss and put it back in the refrigerator. I wanted to make it the vegetables stayed moist.

 2014-07-19 13.04.53


What does your body crave during these hot summer days?


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