Foodie Fun Finds 7/25: Do you feel rushed when you go out to eat?

Happy Friday and welcome to the 1st ever “Foodie Fun Finds”!–Still working on the name.

Every week, I will share with you food, lifestyle, and empowerment articles I found throughout the week. These aren’t articles that I necessarily agree or disagree with. These are articles that spoke to me, they made me think, they inspired or triggered something in me.

With that said, let’s get right to it!


1. If you’ve recently purchased fruit, be sure to careful. Nation Wide Fruit Recall

 2. Are organic vegetables more nutritious after all? I was actually discussing “organic foods” with my friends and family earlier this week…Here are my thoughts. (A) Putting aside nutrient composition, I personally find organic food (specifically produce) to be tastier  and more aromatic than non-organic. (B) When it comes to dairy and meat, I want to know where they’re coming from. And, I would rather they not be full of growth hormones and antibiotics. (C) Organic Milk has a longer shelf-life than non-organic milk.

3. Wednesday was National Vanilla Ice Cream Day (I was always more into chocolate…that’s changing these days…I still wouldn’t pick vanilla)  but the whole month of July is National Ice Cream Month. Trust me you want to see some of the ice creams in that link!

4. This week, we also celebrated junk food day, hot dog day and tequila day–talk about a jam-packed week! How did you celebrate? Do you think these are things we should be celebrating?

5. Yes, the Wold Cup is over 😦 but I just had to share this post by Jose Andres on Soccer, Food and the World Cup. As a Haitian and a foodie, I think football soccer you know what I mean and food can break down barriers and create a sense of unity.


1. So, Monday was National Junk Food Day… This post sums up my thoughts pretty accurately.  A Nutritionist’s Guide to National Junk Food Day.

2. Wish you could exercise while sitting at your desk?  Meet Cubii 

3. Going gluten-free seems to be the new craze these days but should EVERYONE jump on the bandwagon?  I’m happy to see more gluten-free options for those who suffer with celiac disease or who are gluten sensitive  BUT, I also believe that food manufacturers are exploiting this issue and using it as a marketing ploy. Think about it. Everyone wants to go gluten-free–to lose weight, because it’s heather etc. It’s such a big deal that even the products that don’t normally contain gluten are now being labeled gluten-free. Here are some tips:  gluten-free doesn’t necessarily mean healthy…they can be just the opposite (more additives, more sugar, highly processed etc). Read labels and try choosing more natural, whole foods.

4. Chocolate Covered Broccoli- Healthy Food Gets A Bad Rep. 

5. Oh, how times have changed. I’m am guilty of occasionally requesting a booth or taking pictures of my food…(not so) random thought: Do you feel rushed when you go out to eat? I do. 


1.Have you seen this post, The New Face of Hunger by the National Geographic. It makes me think…What is malnutrition?

2. It’s always inspiring to hear about people coming up with innovative ways to change the food system :)…Here’s a cool infographic on creating on a better food system.

3.  It’s a shame to have TONS of fruit and vegetable go to waste each year but it’s good to see what others are doing to educate and resolve this problem. In France, Intermarché launches campaign to reduce fruit and vegetable food waste in their store by selling “visually unappealing” produce at a reduce price (or, check out this video).

4. The previous post got me thinking of Doug Rauch and Robert Egger. Rauch, the former president of Trader Joe’s who is looking to repurpose past due produce into cheap meals at his new grocery store which in Dorchester, Mass. And, Egger the founder of DC Central Kitchen has now moved to Los Angeles to start L.A. Kitchen. Both programs recovered and distribute meals, provided culinary job training and a social enterprise component. Oh! You should also check out The Campus Kitchens Project 🙂

5. “Dink Up”, a pro-water initiative led by First Lady Michelle Obama celebrates 1st anniversary.

What are your thoughts on the links above?

What are some of your favorite food-related articles from the week?

Have a great week-end and see you Sunday 🙂


3 thoughts on “Foodie Fun Finds 7/25: Do you feel rushed when you go out to eat?

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