Sit & Sip w/ Devoted Foodie 8/31

No long intro today… “Go Dawgs!” 


Sanford Stadium (Photo Cred: Google Images)

1. Caramelized Onions + Cheese. I don’t think it gets any better than this! Zucchini and Caramelized Onion Galette with Gruyere.

2. I love banana bread (and, these would make a great gift) but, banana fritters would also be a great alternative if you want to switch things up a bit.

3. I’ve been obsession over figs this past few weeks. How amazing does this sound/look? Fig Ice Cream With Honey Roasted Almonds

4. I’m a sucker for a good sweet + savory combo. Bacon, Pear & Blue Cheese Macaroni with Caramelized Onions.

5. What I’ve learned from every diet. Love the humor in this post but,  I also think there’s something we call all take away from this.

6. Carrot Cake Ice Cream. Carrot Cake + Ice Cream. Together. Yes!

7. I am not a runner. I wish I was but I’m not…However, I LOVE to walk! 10 EasyWays To Get The Most Out Of Walking

8. This just sounds so refreshing to me. Clementine Ice Cream.

Because fall is on my mind…

9. Apple Cinnamon Pull-Apart Bread. Apple + Cinnamon = Yum!

10. Baked Gingerbread Mini Donuts. I want this…now!

This is what you missed on Devoted Foodie this week: Roasted Garlic & Avocado Mashed Potato Balls and WIAW…Savory Oatmeal. I also updated the pictured on How To: Caramelize Onions, the Mint-Ginger Infused Limeade and, the Mojito posts.

Happy Labor Day!


Roasted Garlic & Avocado Mashed Potato Balls

Now that I’m back in school and SUPER busy, I am constantly trying to come up with easy meals to prepare. A current favorite of mine are these “Roasted Garlic & Avocado Mashed Potato Balls“. They require only 3 ingredients and involve very little prep 🙂 These mashed potato balls are creamless but you probably wouldn’t have guess it– thank you, avocados! Its creamy consistency makes it a great replacement for butter and milk in most recipes…did I mention this is a healthy, vegan, lactose-intolerant friendly alternative  Annnd it’s DELICIOUS?! Mix in some roasted garlic and it’s total perfection!

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Sit & Sip w/Devoted Foodie 8/24

Happy Sunday, friends!

On this edition of Sit & Sip, I am sharing recipes AND articles I’ve found this week. This will hopefully make up for the fact that I didn’t post on Friday–sorry about that. As you may already know, I started grad school this week which means things have been a littler crazy around here.

…You know the drill, find a cozy spot, grab your drink of choice and Sit & Sip as you enjoy this post 🙂 Continue reading

Pan Fried Plantain topped with Smoked Salmon, Avocado Slices and a sprinkle of Gorgonzola







Happy Wednesday!

Welcome to another edition of Recipe Remix aka No Waste Wednesday! Today I will show you how I use the Avocado Ranch Dressing from Monday in fun and creative ways 🙂

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(Easy) Avocado Ranch Dressing


For all my ranch and avocado lovers out there, you are in for a treat today! I have here the ultimate Avocado Ranch Dressing. Trust me, after you try this you will never buy the bottle stuff again. This preservative free dressing is creamy, tangy, and FULL of flavor thanks to the use of fresh herbs and spices. It’s even got a little kick o it thanks to the fresh garlic but it’s nothing too overpowering. Do you want to know the best part? It literally takes minutes to prepare AND all you need is a basic blender. That’s right– no chopping, dicing or tons of dirty dishes afterwards! the best part is that it takes less than 10 minutes to prepare and the only tool you need is a blender. that’s right, no chopping or dirt dishes necessary! This guilt free dressing is perfect for salads, dipping crudite, chicken wing or pizza. Continue reading

Sit & Sip w/ Devoted Foodie 8/17

Happy Sunday, everyone!

Hope you all had a lovely week-end! I spend most of my week-end unpacking and getting ready for classes…Speaking of, I can’t believe I start my program tomorrow! I am mostly excited, a little nervous and kinda sad that my summer vacation is officially over. But, I am really looking forward to the next 2 years and what is to come 🙂

…Anyway, welcome to another edition of Sit & Sip! Find a cozy spot, grab yourself a drink and Sit & Sip as you drool over these amazing recipes I came across this week 🙂 Continue reading