Foodie Fun Finds 8/1: Are you an emotional eater?


Hi everyone!!
Happy August! I can’t believe it’s already August…In a few weeks, my summer vacation will be over as I will be starting my Masters in Public Health. Wow!

Anyway, here are my fun finds from this week–short and sweet. Still haven’t read last weeks post? Check it out here.


1. In Defense of Emotional Eating via Nourished Kitchen

Great post! This is probably one of my favorite articles from this week. Daja and Kristina give us a different perspective on emotional eating, comfort food  and how to embrace our relationship with food. It had me thinking about my views on food and eating which I hope to share with you in a separate post.

2. How to Make without an Ice Cream Maker via Food&Wine

I think I have a problem. I’m that person that literally wants EVERY kitchen tool in existence. Right now, I need want an ice cream maker (seriously, it’s summer. Who doesn’t want homemade ice cream) and a spiralizer. But until that happens, I’m glad I found this post from Food&Wine, . I don’t have a food processor but, I think my blender will work just fine…I hope…stay tuned.

3. The Taste of Summer via The Plate (National Geographic)

What is the one food(s) that just screams summer to you? For me personally, I would have to agree with Andres. Nothing says summer quite like a nice juicy piece of watermelon (and berries). Check the link above for 6 fun and refreshing watermelon recipes from Jose Andres. Also be sure to come back on Monday because I am sharing one of my favorite watermelon recipes. And, on Wednesday, I’ll show you how to create a whole new treat using Monday’s recipes. Wednesdays recipe is somewhat similar to one of Andres dishes (the saying must be true: “great minds think alike”). Can you guess which one?


4. Right to Know What’s in My Food via Just Label It!

What type of food shopper/eater are you? Do you care about organic and/or GMOs? Why or why not? Tell me in the comments below.


5. Peace Corps Volunteer in Their Own Words via NYTimes

I really enjoyed some of these stories and on some level, I could relate to some of them. As you all know by now, I volunteered with AmeriCorps, the “domestic Peace Corps”, after gradating with my bachelor’s. For more on my experience, see the About Me section or my post on Kohlrabi.

6. From Campus to Community: Chicago Students Embrace Waste Reduction via FoodTank

See how students at Chicago Colleges are using their food waste and promoting sustainability on and off campus.

7. Outnumber Hunger in Your Community via

Help FeedingAmerica secure meals on behalf of local food banks buy purchasing General Mills products and entering the codes from these packages in the link above. See the link above for more details.

Have a great week-end and see you on Sunday!


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