Monday Munchies 8/4: (Water)Melon Salad tossed in Mint-Sugar and Finished with a Splash of Lime Juice

Happy Monday! And, Happy Belated Watermelon Day!


2014-08-04 17.53.12

On Friday we talked about foods that scream summer and like I said, nothing says summer quite like a nice juicy slice of watermelon! It’s lime green skin and red flesh is enough to brighten any plate and put a smile on my face. Seriously I don’t know of any other fruit that is quite as refreshing and versatile as the watermelon. It’s the perfect anytime fruit—it’s great as a salad, snack and sweet enough to be enjoyed as dessert. This recipe is all these things and more.

The watermelon is the star of this dish. Nothing should outshine it. The other ingredients are merely there to help it shine and can be adjusted based on personal preference. I am using 1 small watermelon, 1/2 honeydew and 1/2 yellow melon.*Confession of a Foodie: I usually use cantaloup in place of the melon but while at the store today, I saw the yellow melon and I just had to try it. I honestly didn’t know what to expect in terms of flavors but I keep thinking that it could add great color contrast to this dish…you all know how much I love pretty and color food. Anyway as you can see from the picture below, the yellow melon has a light green…almost white flesh. The flesh is very soft and in terms of flavors, it’s a cross between a cantaloup and honeydew.*

2014-08-04 16.23.31
You can either dice the melons or use a melon ball. *Confession of a Foodie: I actually couldn’t find my melon baller so I used a measuring spoon and that’s worked just fine.* The melons will produce a lot of juice so as you’re dicing or scooping, place them in a strainer. Don’t throw about the excess juice because we might need that for our “Recipe Remix (aka No Waste Wednesday) recipe.

As you let the melons strain, we are going to work on next component of this dish–the mint-sugar. This  mint-sugar is not just for rimming your cocktail glasses for mint-ginger infused limeades or mojitos; it’s makes a great addition to this salad. The mint is very refreshing and cooling and will add a burst of coolness to this salad. In a blender, I pulsed 2 teaspoons of sugar and 3 mint sprigs (remove the leaves from the stem) until it become powder like. You can adjust the amounts as needed.

2014-08-04 17.53.48

Combine the mint-sugar powder and the melons, give it a good toss and refrigerate until ready to use. I love plating my salad in the watermelon halves because it’s makes a pretty bowl but you can also serve it in a plater of your liking. As you plate the melon in your bowl, try not to add too much of the excess liquid. Hit it with a splash of lime juice (the juice of one lime is more than enough), give it another toss and garnish with a few mint leaves. Enjoy!

What screams summer to you?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Do you love watermelon? What is you favorite way of enjoying it?

See you on Wednesday!


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