Top 5 Reasons I Love Farmers Markets!

Hello friends,

Happy Friday + Happy Farmers Market Week!

In honor of Farmers’ Market Week, I am doing things slightly different today. Rather than discussing food/lifestyle/empowerment articles, I am sharing the top 5 reasons I LOVE Farmers Markets. I am also linking a few Farmers Market articles at the end 🙂



  1. They Build And Strengthen Communities

I truly believe food has the ability to bring people together. I’ve witness that firsthand through my work in the culinary, education and non-profit sector and in my opinion, Farmers Markets supports all these things. Perhaps this why I am such a fan?

Farmers Markets do a great job at educating community members on food, how it’s grown, where it comes from and why food/farming is important. And, they do it without being pushy or forceful. Farmers Markets are naturally inviting and instantly spark an interest in others. No matter what your background is or what your interests are Farmers Markets breakdown barriers and bring community members (young and old) together. They encourage members to lead and promote a more sustainable lifestyle.

  1. The People

I go to the Farmers Market for the people! As I make my way through the various booths I can’t help but feel like I belong. Like I am a part of this great tight-knit community. I meet so many passionate people at the farmers market and I love connecting with them! It’s a great way to learn about their background and, it’s also a fun learning opportunity. I can’t tell you how many new foods I’ve discovered, new recipes I’ve tried or new tricks I’ve learned just by interacting with farmers, vendors and other shoppers.

  1. The Ambiance

I find so much inspiration as I make my rounds, talk to people, sample the food and purchase/admire the beautiful produce. The Farmers Market is truly my happy place–Good company. Good music. Good food. What else can you ask for?

  1. The Food– FRESH/LOCAL Food

Have you ever grown or harvested your own food? It tastes nothing like what you buy at the grocery store! They are so much more flavorful and best of all, you know exactly where it comes from. Also, I am all about the farm to table movement and I love that Farmers Markets encourage you to eat local and seasonal foods (which doesn’t have to be as expensive as some people think).

  1. Food Justice

Farmers Markets provide access to fresh produce!  In many impoverished communities, Farmers Markets are a great avenue for promoting healthy and affordable produce. WholesomeWave’s Double Up Program encourages EBT recipients to make healthier choices while simultaneously combating hunger and supporting the local economy. And WIC recently launches a program known as the “Farmers Market Nutrition Program (FMNP)” in hopes of encouraging its recipients to purchase more fruits and vegetables.

Organizations and Farmers Markets are working together to raise awareness, educate others on nutrition and affordable eating and, strengthen the local food system.

Great Links & Articles

Where is Your Closet Farmers’ Market? via Smithsonian

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New Haven Farms Link Food Access to Stronger Communities via WholesomeWave

7 Ways to Save at a Famers Market via Eat Local Grown

Do you shop at Farmers Markets? Why or why not?

How are you celebrated Farmers Market Week?


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