What I’ve been up to + Starting my Masters of Public Health (MPH)

Hi guys! 🙂

I really missed you guys and because I didn’t post Wednesday, I wanted to pop in and let you all in on what’s been keeping me busy –“Thinking Out Loud” style.

View from UGArden. Picture taken off of FaceBook

View from UGArden. Picture taken off of the UGArden FaceBook

1. Since Friday all I’ve done is pack, clean, move and clean some more–I am so over it! I am moving back to Athens to go back to school. I’m already dreading moving out of my apartment once I graduate in a few years. As I type this, I am currently starring at all the boxes I still need to unpack and all the things I still have to put away…oh and we can’t forget about all the boxes I still need to bring over to the apartment. Ugh! Why me?! *ugly cry*

2. On a much happier note, I am happy to be back in Athens! I’ve really missed this place–it has an old city feel but it’s still very hip and trendy. I can’t believe I use to dislike this place and was in a hurry to leave! While I still don’t see myself living in Athens once I finish school, I am  looking forward to making the most of my next two years year. Food. Music. Beautiful Scenery. Repeat…school fits into there somewhere…

3.  I am looking forward to going to picking up fresh produce at the Athens Farmers Market & the West Broad Farmers Market (find out why I love Farmers Markets here), harvesting and volunteering with the UGArden, walking the trails at the Botanical Gardens, eating at all these amazing restaurants and making great memories with new/old friends. I’m SO excited!

4. Earlier today I attended my MPH orientation. It felt good to meet the students/faculty in my program and sign up for classes. I choose to do a concentration in Gerontology which focuses on aging. I seriously went back and forth between Health Promotion and Gerontology for months, but in the end Gerontology won and that’s party thanks to my involvement with Campus Kitchen at UGA (CKUGA). I am hoping to tie that in to my nutrition background and focus on nutrition and obesity issues that exist within that population. More specifically, I want to look at how poverty and/or lack of access to food proves to be a challenge and factor in obesity.

5. Speaking of CKUGA, I am glad I can hopefully continue to stay involved with them now that I am back in Athens. I even started recruited friends old and new to volunteer with me :)…OH! I am SUPER excited that the next #hungersummit will be here at UGA in April–Yay!

6. Classes start on Monday and I am excited about buying school supplies. I look forward to buying pretty notebooks and nice pens at the beginning of every school year.

When was the last time you moved? Do you like moving?

What is something you dislike but have learned to appreciate? 

What are you looking forward to?


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