Sit & Sip w/Devoted Foodie 9/7

Happy Sunday!

And, welcome to another edition of Sit & Sip!

…You know the drill, find a cozy spot, grab your drink of choice, I’ll be sipping on this Strawberry Lemonade that I got from Mama’s Boy, and Sit & Sip as you enjoy this post 🙂

2014-09-06 12.54.27  1. Everything about this post is beautiful. Viceroy– A Gem in the Museum District.

2. Fall is almost here so it’s only normal that I start looking for apple and pumpkin recipes 🙂 How good do these sound/look?! Butterscotch Apple Pudding Cookies, Pumpkin Pecan Scones with Brown Butter Glaze,

3. How pretty is this salad (and it’s tasty)? Mimosa Salad.

4. Gap in Diet Quality Between Wealthiest and Poorest Americans Doubles, Study Finds.

Poor food choices are not always to blame for your unhealthy habits, access and affordability are also really important factors. I believe that some people want to make better choices but they don’t have the means to do so…obesity is a form of malnutrition and, it can be viewed as a socioeconomic problem. that’s why I think it’s important that we tackle obesity as a form of malnutrition. Quality of U.S. Diet Shows Modest Improvement, but Overall Remains Poor.

5. I just couldn’t help myself, how gorgeous are these?! Trip to the Farmers Market = Success. I was in good company, there were tons of good food and, good music 🙂

2014-09-06 11.28.19

6. 10 Ways to Keep Fruits and Vegetables Fresh for Longer.  I am known to overbuy at the farmers market so, I always need to make sure that I am storing them properly… there are some helpful tips you might find useful.

7. I would gladly eat this salad anytime. Warm Farro, Apple, Feta and Tomato Salad. Yum!

8. Noble cake indeed. Love the flavors in this cake.

9. Roasted corn. I’m sold! Roasted Corn with Spicy Chimichurri Butter. I want.

10.  I LOVE crab cake! This recipe looks like it’s going to be a winner, Quinoa Crab Cakes.

Enjoy the rest of you Sunday! I’ll see you tomorrow with a new recipe 🙂


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