WIAW…Eat Your Fruits & Vegetables!

Happy Wednesday!

There was much happened last month, Hunger Action Month, The EmpowerMEnt Challenge & More Matters! All  great causes aimed to address hunger issues, promote healthier lifestyles and eating more fruits and vegetables. So this week, instead of posting a “No Waste Wednesday” recipe, I’m doing a “WIAW…Fruits & Vegetables“:) Thanks for hosting, Peas. Enjoy!


Let’s start things slow.

Who doesn’t love a big, juicy mushroom?

They’re great on their own…

2014-09-10 10.20.45


2014-09-10 10.36.34

Or, sliced and sautéed with some asparagus…


Are you a pizza lover?

How about breakfast pizza?

2014-07-02 12.00.07

Or, eggplant pizza?!


What something more substantial?

Turn into a sandwich…

Craving soups?


How about roasted potato and carrot soup?


Or, lentil soup topped with sliced avocados…
2014-01-16 18.59.43

Want a salad?

How about a simple tomato, avocado and feta salad on a bed of spinach?IMG_0373

Or, a berry, nuts & gorgonzola salad with a poppy seed dressing and boiled plantain…2014-06-07 17.35.32

Or, 2014-06-03 11.14.02

Or, snap pea and onion potato salad with a honey dijon vinaigrette

Want Fruit?

Mint-Sugar Melon Salad

Melon Salad tossed in Mint-Sugar & Finished w/ a Splash of Lime Juice

Or, a rice cake topped with peanut butter, fruit and nuts. 2014-08-22 13.58.31

Juiices or Smoothies? I gotchu!

Carrot, Apple & Ginger Juice2014-06-05 10.10.12

Or, spiced date and banana oat smoothie2014-09-15 11.12.28


Spiced peanut butter and pumpkin dip topped with nuts and served with sliced apples/

2014-09-27 11.33.08

Finally, spiced apple pumpkin-butter oatmeal ball…recipe coming soon!
2014-09-28 11.11.20

I hope I inspired you in some way with my fruit and vegetable eats!

Make sure you are following me on Instagram and Twitter for more cool pics and the latest updates 🙂

What causes are you passionate about? 

How do you like to eat your fruits and vegetables?


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