2014 Healthy Living Blogger Survey

Hello stranger, Merry Christmas! Sorry for the long silence…I am away visiting my parents for the holidays and the Internet doesn’t always cooperate. I haven’t been able to post as often as I would have liked. But, it feels so good to be back home for the holidays surrounded by family and childhood friends. As 2014 comes to an end, I’ve been toying with the idea of doing a “2014 Recap & Favorites Series”. *fingers crossed the Internet will be on my side these next couple of days and my scheduled posts go up* First up in the series is this “2014 Healthy Living Blogger Surveywhich I “stole” from Arman @ The Big Man’s Worldthanks, Arman!



  • Is Obesity O.K? – A Response to Ms. Weston – There are many reasons why a person can become obese. It’s not just about being lazy and eating junk food. This post sheds some light on the other factors that cause obesity and, try to provide some insight on how to address the problem.
  • What if SNAP were More Like WIC?! – Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (formerly known as Food Stamp) ensures low-income individuals and families receive the economic and educational support to make better nutritional choices. It also provides accessibility to fresh foods in order to decrease hunger and food insecurity. This program has the possibility to help support families in need and the economy. Unfortunately, the program is not being utilized as it should and the people that need it the most are often left sacrificing their health for other needs such as housing and education funds. This post looks at how screening for food insecurity can help eliminate some of these problems.
  • The Hashtag…The Start of A Movement – Shonda Rhimes says, “a hashtag is not a movement” but I believe there is such a thing as social activism. A hashtag may not be a movement but it is certainly the start of a movement.


  • It Okay” …to…“Just Be” by Ashley @ Miles On OatsSometimes we get so wrapped up in life that we forget to take some much needed time off– to reflect, to mediate and to just relax. Whenever I’m down or when I start to lose perspective, I think of these inspirational posts.
  • False Advertising Blogger Recipes by Arman @ The Big Man’s World – This is probably one of the very first post I read from Arman. Yes, I know. I’m late. There is so much truth in this post. And, I personally enjoy Arman’s rant :)… I’ve either thought about it, agreed with it or it just gets my thinking. Is this really true? Is Arman talking to me? How can I apply this to this blog? So thank you Arman for always keeping me on my toes haha.


  • Starting My Masters – In August I started my Masters of Public Health. I am so grateful to have this opportunity! While working on my Bachelors in Dietetics and Consumer Foods I was lucky enough to work on different food issues—school nutrition, food insecurity, senior hunger, food waste, nutrition education, sustainable agriculture...I quickly discovered my passion. After talking to my professor about my goals and aspirations, she helped me realize that pursuing an MPH degree was the best route for me. I took the year off to work but always knew that my step would be grad school. This semester has not been easy. There were many challenges, many lessons learned. Most importantly, I gained confidence to stand up for myself and to follow my dreams.
  • Thanksgiving Dinner – Grad school + work = bye, bye social life. Work, Coffee, School, Coffee, Homework, Sleep *Repeat*, that was my life. It was SO NICE to have a week off for Thanksgiving because I was finally able to relax and spend some time with family and friends. For the first time in months I was able to go home for more than a few hours. For the first time I was able to go home and actually SEE my family. For the first time I was able to actually spend time with them and that felt SO GOOD!

WIAW Thanksgiving 2014 + Collard Wrapped Cornbread Stuffing

  • My Friend’s Graduation Dinner Celebration – One of my childhood bffs graduated from MED SCHOOL this year. I only get to see her once or twice a year (if that) so it was nice too be there to celebrate this milestone with her. I’m so proud of her!


  • Apple Pizza with Caramelized Onions and Brie – I’m a HUGE fan of the sweet and salty combination. I am a cheese and fruit lover. I love onions, especially caramelized onions. I also love a good pizza. This recipe combines all those things perfectly.

Cheese Lovers, Pizza Lovers, Sweet and Savory Lovers. this pizza is for you! The caramelized onions, brie and apple pair really well to create this melt in your mouth, out of tho world pizza!

It’s the perfect combination of crunchy, creamy, buttery and salty.

  • Mint-Ginger Infused Limeade – If you are looking for a refreshing “mocktail”, a non-alcoholic cocktail, this is it! The ginger and minter really take this limeade to the next level. It is SOOO GOOD! This mint-ginger infused limeade is also a great base for a mojito.

The Mint and Ginger take this limeade to a whole new level! This cool and refreshing cocktail is rest on its own BUT, it is also the perfect base for a mojito!


  • Healthy Eating | Fad Diets. There has been an increase in nutrition and healthy eating awareness. That’s great. I think people should be concerned about their health. They should be concerned about what they put in their bodies and, what they do with their bodies. The problem is that some people take advantage of others “ignorance”. These people may start to push their product or views on their readers. But, There is no one size fits all when it comes to dieting. It makes me happy when I see other bloggers educating their readers as opposed to forcing their ideas/views on others. It’s time re-think how we portray food in our society. Let’s “Ditch the Diet Mentality” ( Meghan @ Clean Eats, Fast Feets) and let’s start “Examining Negative Language About Food” (Jen @ Bagels to Broccoli).
  • Cultural Acceptance & Diversity. I love that we are talking more about different cultures and traditions. We are talking more about different types of foods and sharing that with others”.
  • Food Issues | Sustainable Practices. This year, I have seen so many more articles on school lunches, food insecurity, food waste and, FARMERS MARKETS! LOVE, LOVE, Love that these topics are making their way to the forefront. Some of my favorite articles about Farmers Market include 5 Reasons I Love Farmers Markets and 10 Tips For Shopping at Farmers Markets (Chelsea @ Chelsea’s Healthy Kitchen).

I hope you enjoyed this post. See you tomorrow with another 2014 Recap & Favorites Special! Thanks again, Arman for providing the survey…I don’t know how you were able to only pick 3 choices per category!

What were some of your favorite blogs and/or posts of 2014?


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