Mulled Wine Soaked Berries and Goat Cheese Filled Pastries

Happy Valentines Day!

I have the perfect treat for those you planning an evening with your significant others, a group of friends or a day alone. I’m talking about these mulled wine soaked berries and goat cheese pastries topped with orange blossom honey and slivered almonds. Yum!

Mulled Wine Soaked Berries and Goat Cheese Filled Pastries | Devoted Foodie

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WIAW: Thanksgiving Potluck 2014 + Collard Wrapped Cornbread Stuffing Recipe

Happy No Waste Wednesday!

Long time no talk–Hope you all had a very Happy Thanksgiving 🙂 I celebrate with family and friends #FriendsgivingPotluck.  It felt so good to be home! I’m thankful for the time spent with them. I’m also thankful that the semester is almost over! No more papers or tests. More time with friends and family. Guilt free Netflix binge. More Sleep…I can’t wait! Because I’m in such a festive mode, I sharing some of my Thanksgiving eats AND a new recipe/how to use your thanksgiving leftovers. My Collard Wrapped Cornbread Stuffing is a fun, creative twist on two classic dishes–cornbread stuffing and collard greens!

WIAW Thanksgiving 2014 + Collard Wrapped Cornbread Stuffing

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WIAW…Eat Your Fruits & Vegetables!

Happy Wednesday!

There was much happened last month, Hunger Action Month, The EmpowerMEnt Challenge & More Matters! All  great causes aimed to address hunger issues, promote healthier lifestyles and eating more fruits and vegetables. So this week, instead of posting a “No Waste Wednesday” recipe, I’m doing a “WIAW…Fruits & Vegetables“:) Thanks for hosting, Peas. Enjoy!


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